“Send Us Out” – Written from    John 20

Song Details

  • B Major
  • 4/4 Timing
  • Written by Josiah Warneking, Josh Miller, Chris Clayton, and Emily Huffaker

  • CCLI #7068140 
  • Revenant Songs (BMI)


Song Details

  • 138 BPM
  • B Major
  • 4/4 Timing
  • Written by Josiah Warneking, Josh Miller, and Emily Huffaker
  • Revenant Songs (BMI)
  • CCLI#: 7067586


The Depth of Your Love is the first full-length worship project from Sixteen Cities, combining 6 new original worship songs based on Scripture with 5 well-known worship songs with new arrangements. Each song will also be paired with an in-depth teaching/discipleship video (available on this site and on YouTube/Vimeo). The album was produced and engineered by the band and recorded at their studio in Dallas, TX.

“Depth of Your Love” Track Listing

 1. This Is Amazing Grace  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 2. Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 3. Greater Is He  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 4. Let Everything We Do  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 5. The Depth of Your Love  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 6. Once For All  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 7. He Is The Lord  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 8. Psalm 148 (Highly Exalted)  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 9. Cornerstone  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 10. Jesus Paid It All  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 11. Come Thou Fount / Solid Rock |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes



Love Is Making A Way is Sixteen Cities' third studio album, featuring the hit songs Love Is Making A Way and Glorious. The album was produced in Nashville, TN by Pete Kipley and Barry Weeks and is distributed through Centricity Music in Franklin, TN.

“Love Is Making A Way” Track Listing

 1. Sound Of Love   |  Buy on iTunes

 2. Love Is Making A Way  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 3. Glorious  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 4. Still Here With Me  |  Buy on iTunes

 5. All Around The World  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 6. Mercy (Fall On Me)  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 7. What It Must Be Like  |  Buy on iTunes

 8. Walk On Water  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 9. I Need You  |  Buy on iTunes

 10. Consume Me  |  Buy on iTunes


Sixteen Cities released this self-titled debut album in 2010 as their first studio album with Centricity Music. This album features the hit songs Sing Along and Pray You Through. The album was produced in Nashville, TN by Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp and is distributed by Centricity Music in Franklin, TN.

“Sixteen Cities [self-titled]” Track Listing

 1. Just Wanna Dance  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 2. Save Me From Myself  |  Buy on iTunes

 3. Sing Along |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 4. Pray You Through |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 5. Only After You  |  Buy on iTunes

 6. Come As You Are  |  Chords  |  Buy on iTunes

 7. Innocent  |  Buy on iTunes

 8. Captured By Your Love  |  Buy on iTunes

 9. Someone’s Work of Art  |  Buy on iTunes

 10. Bleeding For You  |  Buy on iTunes

 11. Winter  |  Buy on iTunes

Your Love Is is the second studio album EP by Sixteen Cities, and features a selection of worship songs recorded by the band in Washington at Crossroads Studios in Vancouver. The album was produced by Sixteen Cities.

“Your Love Is – Worship EP” Track Listing

 1. Your Love Never Fails  |  Buy on iTunes

 2. Forever Reign  |  Buy on iTunes

 3. Your Love Is Strong  |  Buy on iTunes

 4. The Stand  |  Buy on iTunes

 5. Everlasting God  |  Buy on iTunes

 6. Ready Now   |  Buy on iTunes